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0500 Ultra Green Custom - Level A



You will get to work with an eyewear designer and approve the design before we start the build!

Ultra Green Custom eyewear is off the grid complete custom and we do this at the best prices in the world for a handmade custom pair of spex.

Level A is insane, crazy, runway, high detail designs that require more time at the design stage and also in the cnc routing, hand finishing, and other processes that take more time.

Custom much like this sells for $1200 Usd and higher in retails.

Level A gives you a choice of 30 Pvd/IP colors and 100+ Bio Acetate colors to select from, GO CRAZY! Go Level A

These take an average of 3 week minimum but well worth the wait.

How we do it

Only the front piece is customized, the temples are available in a basic shape that  you can color to your choice of colors.  

We start by sending you images of the design that we Photoshop onto your image!

Sizes Are Up To You!

A (lens width) = ANY

B (lens depth) = ANY

DBL (distance between lenses) = ANY

TW (total width) = ANY

Temple = ANY


We go beyond what is displayed in our normal lenses available in checkout , we can get nearly anything made!  Let us know your thoughts and we will send images of specialty lenses directly to your email.

Front Colors

Choice of hundreds

Temple Colors

Any color you can imagine!  NOTE - This process requires 10-14 days!

Product Description 

We only use bio acetates with the custom shapes!

How To Go Off Grid

It always helps if you have something in mind already but even if you have no idea, we can help in the design process.

You can contact our design team here at the Ultra Green Factory and start with sending us a photo of you and any thoughts of what you have in mind.  We will use the picture as the pallet we design off of.

 Private design and production of 100% original design eyewear is something many charge $3000 for and above, what we are charging for the product and the included services may not last long so order NOW

How to decide the style and what we need to start the build.

There are several ways to go about this.

1.  You can send us an image of the style you are after, we then render into CAD used for the cut, we send you a pdf to approve and give the green light on or change.

2.  You can send us a drawing that we render into CAD file, then we size to you liking.

3.  You can send us a nice straight on image of your face, we can try on some styles we have in our portfolio which is thousands, it helps us a lot if you can give us an idea of what you are after.   Square?  Round?  Rectangle?  Almond?  Cat?  Give it some thought and let us know.


We will label the right inside with our Ecotech Eyeglasses Label, you can decide what you want on the inside of the left temple/arm.

Give the frame your own name, add your phone number or email, you have approximately 60mm of space for custom labeling.

If you would like a special font please also include font style in info submission. 

Submitting Info For Custom
Just email us