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Ecotech Eyeglasses Online - Eco Friendly Eyewear


The Greenest Eyewear In The World!

Low Carbon Footprint Production Process + Biodegradable Plastic + Reclaimed Metal Hardware = as sustainable and eco friendly as eyewear gets! Model Shown - 013 Zendora Learn More
Why We are Greener & Cleaner

No Lead, No Cadmium, No Toxic Elements That You Just Don't Need

If your frame has solder points it contains lead and cadmium which are both toxic to the environment and to we humans. Model Shown 005 Arneli Cadmium & Lead are toxic - learn more

Our Free Prescription & Sun Lens options are a real value!

Save $50 or more compared to other websites! Free Blue Block Lenses, Free Sun Lenses, and More! Learn More
Candy Vision

Zero Calories!

Transparent colors are hot and so is Bio Plastic, we offer a wide range of in style colors that look delicious!
Full Monty Kits

Ultra Cool Kits Make Great Gifts!

We offer great packages for eyeglasses fans. Go To The Gift Set

Ultra Green Eyewear

Ultra Green may sound like your favorite veg but are actually highly sustainable eyeglasses that are designed to be better for mother nature due to their simple design and construction
Best Value Available

Our Warranties Are The Best!

We are the factory that builds Ecotech Eyeglasses and we will keep your frame functioning as long as you'd like Learn More
Amazing Custom Options

Customize Any Stock Style Or Go Completely Off Grid

Other online sellers just do not have the ability to offer this. Our prices on a custom pair of specs is THE BEST in the world and no other company is doing what we do at these prices. This is a lot of fun for anyone that wants a unique one of a kind product at very fair prices! Customize Now!
Our Low Carbon Footprint Design Yields Cleaner Greener Eyewear

Ecotech Ultra Green Series is designed to use less power in its production and it does.

Ultra G features a simple 6 millimeter front design which is simple, durable, comfortable, and we can make modifications to make yours special.

How To Get An Accurate Pupil Measurement


Download PD Measurement App Or Use Our Online Lens Fitting!

Get Lenses Made Correctly Fitted By An Optician Online!



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Justin has been making my eyeglasses since 2012, long before Ecotech and I wouldn't buy from any other optician.

I love my custom eyewear from Justin!

AuthorStewart R.