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Factory & Transparency

All other online sellers of eyewear buy from factories typically in China that you will never know who or where they are.  If you have issues with a product you will not be able to go straight to the source and remedy a problem if one should arise.

All other online sellers offer a basic 1 year product warranty. 

We are the factory that designs and builds all of the styles we offer and this presents the ability for us to offer a product that has a higher value and many options if you want something a bit more special because we are happy to design and build off the grid.

Monocles, fobs, earrings, rings and more can be made as well.

We have hundreds of colors available so if you don't see one you love in our current line up contact us, we will help. 

This project is about SUSTAINABLE so we will only make frames using Bio Acetate however there are hundreds of colors from the companies that produce Bio Acetate.

Contact us with any frame or lens questions you have, we look forward to working directly with you, directly from the facility that builds Ultra Green and many other brands of eyewear.