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Pupil Distance & Vertical Center Measuring

I'm Justin and I'm the designer of all the Ultra Green Styles, I'm a former optician from the US with 35+ years working for eye doctors, large chain retails, lens labs, as well as eyewear repair companies.

Dr. Alan is great and I have worked with a few cool OD's (Dr. of Optometry)  in my history as an optician.

Dr. Alan has a great youtube video up about the "GlassesON" app and how it can measure for PD and this system is approved by the FDA.




We do it also and we take it to the next level with our "Online Lens Fitting System".  It's a must for progressive lenses and high prescriptions done accurately and correctly!

All you need to do is take a photo of a magnetic strip card held up to you forehead and send that image to us.

We then size that image in Autocad based off that card being 54mm is width as all are.

Check out GlassesOn, load the app and use it or send us an image of you holding the the card to you forehead!  All cards are 85mm wide and this is what we size the image based off.

Progressive Lenses & High Rx Powers

With prescriptions over -3.00 we recommend you send your image for us to do a virtual lens fitting.

All powered lenses have an optical center/center of power and your lenses should be made so the Optical Center (OC) is over your pupils.

What we do is take this image and drop it into our design program then we place the frame you are selection on your image.

We can see exactly where it will sit on your nose and get the measurements we need for you to end up with lenses that are fit properly, just like it would be done in an optical shop.

Do yourself a favor and allow us to make sure your lenses are done properly!

Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL) 

All PAL lenses have a fitting cross on the lens blank itself that MUST be placed over your pupil for the PAL design to be in the correct place.

If you order from other online sellers that do not do what we do, you may not adapt to the lenses at all because they are just guessing where the fit height is and that is not how we treat eye care here at Ecotech.

Send us a nice image of your face nice and even, not tilted up or down, and not facing left or right.

We will preform your lens fitting just as accurate as in an optical shop and you will avoid issues adjusting to your new lens prescription.

We'll also be able to send you an image back that shows exactly how the frame size looks on you.  

Contact our pro optician with 35+ years of fitting lenses in retails, and send him your image!