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Rx Lenses

I'm Justin and an optician of 35+ years, I began working with frames and lenses in my uncles optical shop at 11 years old (in 1976), after high school I attended the local opticians tech college. 

After tech school I've worked in OD/MD practices, large chain retails, lens labs, and even frame repair chains.

I've fit thousands of people with eyewear they have loved and developed the rep as the go to optician for high and difficult prescriptions and well as repair work.

I've worked in retails that influence the opticians to "up sell" on lenses which means putting a patient in a more expensive lens that they do not need and this is what I call lens overkill. 

Free Rx Lens Options 

1.56 Hi Impact

This is an excellent lens for kids with an active lifestyle as this material has great optics and is nearly unbreakable.  It is thinner than the free CR-39 lenses others offer on competitors websites and over 10 times more durable.

1.60 Index

This often retails in stores for $150 and higher and is considerably thinner than CR-39 (regular plastic) and highly impact resistant making it a safe lens as well as a lens with good optics.  Opt for this if your power is +/- 4.00 or higher.

It can be a bit daunting to select the correct lenses but if you stick with the ranges below per lens index in most cases you'll have a great looking pair of specs without lens overkill.

In our lens checkout we have set up the powers so the selections that come up are what will typically yield an aesthetically good looking pair or glasses and will avoiding lens overkill and paying more than you should for a lens that will not come out noticeably different in thinness.

For example, an averaged sized plastic frame with a -4.00 sphere power using a 1.6 Index lens is going to hide the lens edge so there is no need for a 1.67 index which would be overkill.  The 1.6 has better optics anyway so best to go with no more than you would need.

If you have questions about what may be best contact me directly, I am here to help you.

Size of frame will effect thickness of the lenses and a rule is the larger frame you go the thicker the lenses will be so a step up to the next thinner lens will yield better cosmetics and often less curve in vision to outer edges of the lenses.

An excellent lens all around is the new tech of the 1.58 Hi Impact with 43 ABBE.

Available Lenses                          Best suited Rx Range          Good for kids          ABBE Value

CR-39                                                     +2.00 to -2.00                            No                             58

1.56                                                         +3.00 to -3.00                             No                             36

1.56 Blue Light Block                                    "                                         No                               "

1.56 Hi Impact                                                 "                                        Yes                              43

1.56 Hi Impact Blue Block                            "                                        Yes                              "

1.58 Hi Impact                                    +4.00 to -4.00                             Yes                            43

1.58 Hi Impact Blue Block                            "                                        Yes                            43

1.61 MR-8                                              +5.00 to -5.00                            Yes                            36

1.61 Blue Block                                                  "                                       Yes                             "

1.67 High Index                                    +7.00 to -7.00                             Yes                            33

1.74 Ultra High Index                      +6.00/-6.00 and up                     No                             33


Different lenses have different properties. The density varies, known as index of refraction, and the ABBE VALUES are different for the various materials. The ABBE VALUE is a number given to describe the amount of chromatic aberration of an ophthalmic lens material. Here is a list of ABBE VALUES. The higher the number, the less amount of aberration.


Chromatic aberration is when white light is broken up into component colors. A color fringe may be noted around a light source or around an object. In reality most patients never complain of color fringes but rather complain of blurriness and peripheral distortion.

The higher index of refraction equals a thinner lens. Cosmetically, thin lenses appear more attractive but have more chromatic aberration which takes a few days to adjust to for some.

All lenses we use are FDA & CE registered products via manufacturers that carry these registrations.

Progressive & Office Lenses

We only carry the newest technology in surfacing of progressive lenses known as free form digital technology.  This technology yields a much easier to adjust to lens with less peripheral distortions.

For more info on what free form tech is the full store on video is here. 

More info at the source for eye professional throughout the US, 2020 Magazine

Why we do not handle polycarbonate.

1.  It has the worst optics of all lenses used in the industry.

2.  It can craze and crack if in an acetate frame due to the properties of acetate plastic.

3.  It often has coating issues.

Many higher quality doctors offices refuse to use this material and our reasons are the same.


Spherical Vs. Aspherical Lenses

Spherical lenses have the same curve all the way through the front curve of the lens while aspheric design front curve is not the same through the lens.  

There is a main center where curve is same then it gradually flattens to yield a flatter, thinner lens.

Some people are sensitive to this curve change and if you've ever had high index thinner lens types that seemed less clear in the distance to outsides of the lenses, it may have been due to being an aspheric design.

If you have had this issue with lenses before we want to know so we can put you into a spherical design.

Vertical Measurements

If your power is over + or - 3.00, it is best you have us take an online verical center measurement.

To do this, use the Magic Mirror Try On App and take a picture of you wearing the glasses.  We will have our optician measure optical center/OC height.

If you have ever had a pair of glasses where you see more clear and comfortably when you raise the glasses up slightly, your lenses were not measured for OC.

Many optical shops fail to do this, most online sellers also fail with this step to give you the best, most comfortable vision possible.

For progressive addition lenses

Use the Magic Mirror app as mentioned above, this will allow us to fit your lenses for optimum vision.