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Eco Friendly Eyewear

What makes our eyewear better for the environment?

Many things and this page covers what those things are.

1. We only use the new "Bio Acetates" that eliminate harmful phthalates which are plasticizers that make plastics soft and workable, phthalates are toxic and many countries have banned (in some products) or strictly regulated just how much products can contain to be safe however phthalate production is highly toxic no matter how much end up in our plastic products.

Acetate plastic producers have finally figured out how to create high quality eyewear plastics using vegetable based plasticizers and that is what these new biodegradable eyewear plastics use.

Acetate plastics come from cotton cellulose so in combination with these plant based plasticizers, they are now more safe and less caustic and toxic to we humans and mother nature.


2.  We Only Offer Zero Solder Point designs.  Solders contain some nasty and toxic elements that are terrible for the environment and the main 2 are lead and cadmium.

Just the production processes are highly poisonous to the laborer if the fumes are inhaled, the production of lead and cadmium use a list of toxic chemicals, many of which are dumped into our biosphere.

This needs to change and our eyewear uses no solder points like nearly all other so called bio eyewear on the market does.

Warby Parker 

3Ultra G Features a Low Carbon Emission Design!  J. Montgomery has designed this initial series to be cut with low power 3 axis desktop CNC routers that use a fraction of the energy large production CNC routers use.

This no frills design is cut in a fraction of the time and eliminates all unnecessary processes needed to yield a comfortable and durable pair of eyeglasses.

Simplicity in design = less that can go wrong.


4.  Ultra G design may be the most sustainable eyewear on the market.

Our reclaimed steel hardware screws into the front and is simple to change out if there ever is any issue with the metal temples/arms.  

The temples are designed with a screwless/solder free hinge that has very little that can fail like spring hinges often do after 1 year.

Ray Ban

5.  We are a more personalized online eyewear company that allows buyers to work directly with someone at the factory level, where it all begins and many feel this is pretty cool.

We can label many different options, color the metal parts in custom colors and much much more.


We know how eyewear is made by others and in fact, we produce for several other well known brands at our self owned eyeglasses factory.

We welcome you to contact the design and production guru behind Ecotech Eyeglasses, who just happens to be a former veteran optician of 35+ years from the US.

He's more than happy to help create your very special custom masterpiece as well as assist with any lens help you may need.