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Plyastic - A Revolutionary New Eyewear Plastic

Plyastic was developed in late 2023 by Tung Fung HK Limited, a well know supplier and producer of lenses and acetate plastics.
The material is getting strong responses from big brands that plan to use this amazing material and they do plan to charge high prices as that's just what they do.
We are offering Plyastic in an upcoming collection as well as in our IAMIUBU bespoke product line where you can create your very own color, 3D printed patterns, natural material lamination, and much more.
Ecotech Eyeglasses will offer frames starting at $100 so stay tuned, this is an amazing material that has so much to offer.
  • Stronger than acetate, can make temples/arms without the metal core required with other plastics which lends to its lower carbon footprint and sustainability

  • No Plastisizers, No Phthalates, Unlike normal Acetate. No PFAS's Its hypoallergenic

  • Holds it polish better than acetate

  • Is made in 3 days allowing for personalized or bespoke eyewear quickly, normal acetate requires 3 weeks minimum

  • Allows for endless lamination materials to be layered in, such as silk/cloth, real leaves, wood veneers, metals (show at right), and more

  • Does not shrink like acetate does over time

  • Is less prone to warping unlike acetate