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020 Delber - Ultra Green Series

Sélectionner Color
Sélectionner Temple Color
Sélectionner Temple Style

Delber is a classic shape that began in the 40s and many brands have similar models, non of which are as eco friendly as ours!

Shapes like this can be seen being worn by Steve Carrel and many more celebs as it is a great classic shape that looks fab on many.

Sizes (See Tech Drawing)

A (lens width) = 49 millimeters 

B (lens depth) = 41 millimeters

DBL (distance between lenses) = 23 millimeters

TW (total width) = 144 millimeters

Temple = 145 millimeters

Color Description 

C16 - Transparent Vintage Brown Grey Line

C20 - Transparent Brown Swirl

C36 - Transparent Vintage Light Grey

Product Description 

All Ultra Green Series feature Bio Acetate Plastic fronts combined with reclaimed surgical steel hardware that feature Zero Solder screwless hinging that can easily be changed/replaced. 

The hardware is colored with the worlds toughest coloring, Pvd/IP which is environmentally safe and does not use highly toxic solutions like standard electroplating solutions contain. 

The fronts have been designed to require minimal cnc routing time and are of a very simple flat 6mm design.   

It yields a very durable product that uses less energy to produce and is highly sustainable because the hardware can be changed out with an optical screw driver.   

Zero Solder Points = No lead or cadmium which solders contain - Ultra G does not support the use of highly toxic elements.

We build these ourselves and know exactly what each process and material includes.

We are happy to go off grid and grow, shrink, or modify any design for kids, larger adults, etc...