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Founder & Missions

Ecotech Eyeglasses Online was founded by a veteran optician from the United States that has worked in optical retails for over 35 years and now designs and produces eyewear in his self owned facility currently located in Mainland China.
Warby Parker
Which brings us to our first mission.

Relocation of production to the US.

We hope to have our fully operational eyewear facility set up and running shortly after we've defeated covid-19 and life as we knew it begins to return.  This is a big task however with your support we can bring back more eyewear production to the US, create some jobs and great eyeglasses.



About Our Eco Mission

Our focus on designs are new and better ways to build more reliable frames incorporated with sustainable materials and/or eco plastics that benefit the planet and reduce toxic processes and lower carbon emissions.
Warby Parker

About Our Products

We make what we offer in our own small eyewear facility and you can contact us directly at the factory to say hi or ask if your product has been shipped, reworked or for any info you may need.
Before we ship every job it goes through final processes and you can get involved here and add your name or other customization you may desire.
All other online companies order stocks from mass producers that deal only in large orders then the frames sit in bins till you order. 
With us, each and every frame gets final inspections from a highly skilled QC staff that all have over 10 years experience in quality control.
Each frame is adjusted to your specs if you have special requirements and all lenses are given a final check out by a veteran optician of over 35 years from the US.  You can contact him directly via his email on contact page.




About What We Can Build For You 

We feel this is what makes us stand out in a crowd of others that only buy from factories rather than being a factory.
We can build just about anything you can dream up and we get some fun requests that have led to some amazing eye candy.
If you are all about having something no one else has in the world, you are the type of individual we love to build for, and you can have it done with us for less than any other custom eyewear provider in the world.
Contact our design lead, he speaks English, and will be part of the team that relocates to the US when we return!


 About Our Warranties

 If you ever lose, break, or have your frame stolen we have you covered.  We can rebuild anything we made and/or repair anything that you may have broken.

We hope to be doing all future service work from our upcoming US facility however we do have a shipping office you can mail to in the US that will forward to us at our current facility location.