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Precision Fitting Service

Precision Fitting Service 

For Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL)

A vertical measurement is necessary!  Guessing, as all other online companies are is truly hit or miss and our goal is offering our clients the same type of lens fitting services you would get in an optical retail.

All PAL designs are fit by measuring where your pupils are vertically in the frame you are choosing and a couple millimeters off can cause the PAL designs to not function well.


For Single Vision

For prescriptions under +/- 3.00 this is not necessary however if you are above this or have prism in 1 or both eyes this aids in yielding a pair of glasses that offer easy adjustment to the prescription and also comfortable vision.


How to get an accurate vertical measurement in office and online.


When an optician measures for this they have you position your head level, not tilted up, nor down, nice and even, while you are wearing the style you’ve selected. 

They then dot the frames demo lenses with a marker right at your pupils, or they measure from the pupil to frames bottom inner rim.


How we do this online.

You send us an image of your face, nice and level, we than place the frame you’ve chosen on you image after we’ve sized your image to your exact size using your pupil measurement as the guide. 

We then measure from the bottom of the frame to the middle of your pupils.  Vertical measurement done!

Our online vertical measurement system allows us to zoom in to inspect the fit of the frame and measurement very closely yielding eyewear that rivals the fit you would get by an optician in an optical shop.


An optician with over 35 years experience developed our online fitting system and is the person you work with when you opt to use this service.

Its a virtual pro optician fitting and we are the only company offering this!


Sure, a lot of a pair of glasses is how you look but its also about the quality of vision you have while wearing your glasses.

Since we create custom frames for less, we can make exactly what you’re after and fit the lenses exactly to your needs.