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Customer Comments

This is where we will post customer comments on custom and other pieces.

Our very first sale is a 3D Printed Series Model 3D 10 with 1.74 Ultra High Index Lenses due to this clients Rx of -9.75 (right) -8.00 (left) and we consider this fairly high.

The 1.74 worked wonderfully as you can see there is hardly any lens edge showing!  WOW, looks great!

Side view showing -975 1.74 Ultra High Index Lens 

Side View of -9.75 in the 3D 10


Front View with Moni Brand Case & Cloth

Our first client is ecstatic about how thin these came out and we will post a few images of him in his new specs asap!  Thank you for your purchase Dan!  You look great in the 3D 10.