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  We are a self owned eyewear facility that currently produces eyewear for               several well know higher end brands in world markets.


  Our focus is on high quality hand made eyewear in a wide range of materials that include Aerospace Grade Pure Titanium, Beta Titanium, Ethically Sourced Genuine Buffalo Horn, Wood, Bone, Carbon Fiber, Acetate Plastic, and this list goes on.






We build eyewear just like they do in Europe and a major goal for us as a company is the addition of our USA production facility which will serve  as main point for all services as well as building eyewear. 

Our goal is to be set up and building eyewear in the US by the end of 2021. 

Small but good.

We are by no means a large facility with only 23 workers including office staff  so if you favor small high tech companies we'd love your support and our mission is to open this type of "factory direct" buying to the end buyer, the people that matter most.  The middle people are just in it to make money off of knowing where to buy.