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Bespoke Made To Order Eyewear

Walk into any optical shop and ask them if they do bespoke designed and made eyewear, most do not and if they do it retails for $1000 and more.

We offer bespoke services at a fraction of what retails do and we are typically twice as fast to complete.

Those that are able to offer custom need 4-6 weeks to complete, Ultra Green eyewear is ready to ship in 10-14 days in most cases.

With Ultra Green Series custom the temples (arms) are pre made however you do have the option of selecting from a range of colors for the hardware.

We stock 4 basic colors with dozens of custom color options available.

This is a lot of fun for anyone wanting something 100% original and unique.


Levels of Custom 

Free Custom Options - On all product pages you can choose the temple color from our 4 stock hardware colors, Black, Gold, Silver, or Gunmetal.

You can also select normal curved temple style or Bayonet Sport Straight Temples if you prefer. 

Level B Custom - Any normal shape, no going nuts here!

Level A Custom - Go Completely Nuts, That's What Level A Custom is.


How To Customize

Send us an image, drawing, Adobe file, dwg file, or seek the assistance of our pro optician who just happens to be a designer who's fit thousands of frames on clients in retails he's worked in.

This service is rare to find anywhere and we look forward to building your dream spex.

We have 2 levels of custom currently, Level B custom which is a normal shape with standard detailing 

Click frame below to go to custom product order page!

and Level A Custom being more whacked out freak designs that take more time in production stages like our Fire Girl design below which happens to be in CAD and ready to cut.

Fire Girl is HOT and we'd love to make this baby for someone, we may even build her and put her on our monthly giveaway!  

This may be the most exciting aspect to Ecotech Eyewear and you get to work directly with a professional eyewear designer.

We can ramp up any custom style package with rings, earrings, fobs, monocles and more!


Submitting Info For Custom
Just email us