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Ecotech & Smart Design Eyewear

More ecologically sound ways of producing eyewear using materials that are safer and more sustainable for the environment is our main focus.


Our Endo Exo Brand eyewear is a perfect example of a better way to build eyewear and how it is made eliminates 50% of the high energy machines associated with typical eyewear construction.


It also is very sustainable as parts are easy to DIY replace and a kit is available that allows you to service your eyewear yourself anywhere you may be.


Bio & Recycled Acetate Plastics

These new acetate plastics are growing in popularity due to them being more eco friendly and using safer methods of production.


To read more about these plastics we want to redirect you to the source themselves, Mazzuchhelli of Italy as they explain this best and are our choice of plastics, the same that are used in luxury acetate eyewear worldwide in higher end product lines.


Straight to the M-49 Color Catalog


If you're planning a custom eco frame write down the color code and let us know!