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Custom Projects Page

Custom Projects Page

This page will highlight the custom projects we do for individuals that would like to show the custom frames they had us design and make, as well as how it was designed and made.

This should be a lot of fun and will show styles that are not stock pieces that you can have made, they are usually named by the person who ordered the style.


Ok, our first custom job is for a client that sent in this iconic late 60's photo of a cool looking couple and the man has an awesome white rectilinear shape that is the style desired.


What we do first is take a snip of the frame area only then get it at 180 degrees rather than trace at an angle.

We then select the area we need and then drop this part straight into AutoCAD then start tracing the lines of half the frame only.

After we have half traced we pull that off image, clean rough edges, then size to what the client has in mind.

From there we drop in the Ultra G mounting recesses and its pretty much ready to go after the client approves the draft and chooses front and temple colors.


Here is the draft ready to be approved.