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Virtual Try On Tips

This is a great app and its very helpful in selecting a style but there are a few things to know to use it to the best of its abilities.

Open the Try On app by clicking  Try On - Click Here under model name or the VTO Logo at bottom left corner.

Once the window opens, click the "expand windows" arrows at the top left to go full screen.

Live interaction will open, place your face in center of outline.  It will work even if you are closer than outline size.

Set your PD.

At the bottom you will see some icons.  



Icons =  Load Photo             Set PD               Share Image           Model Shown


Start to try on other styles by clicking images of the styles that will appear at the left.  You can click on arrows below the frame images to go to next page of frame styles.

1. The "Live" interaction is not as accurate as uploading a good quality image, then trying the frames on that image.

2. We have entered sun styles in the app as well as clear lens versions as well because any frame can be purchased as clear or sun.  If a color is not in sun or clear for you to view we can modify for you so you can have a better view.

Manipulating size using Try On for Custom Sizing

Change the size it is showing by changing the PD setting.

To make a frame appear larger, set the PD smaller than your actual PD

To make a frame smaller, set PD larger than your actual PD.

You can then click share to save an image, then send to us along with your actual PD, we will do our magic and render that size for you.  You can the approve the frame from designs we send to you via email.

Capture Image Mode

When VTO is open you will see an Icon of a camera to the left and a red dot icon to the right.  The red dot turns off/on live mode to enter load photo mode.

The Camera Icon/Capture will take your image, then show a menu.  Click CONTINUE and it will go to your image wearing the style you had on when you clicked the Camera Icon/Capture.

From here you can click/grab the frame to lower or raise its fit on your image, size larger or smaller by manipulating PD, or change frames by selecting different frames from the left.

If you have any questions or would like to have custom sizing assistance contact our design guru Justin and work with him directly, this offers a more personalized service.