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0501 Ultra Green Custom - Level B

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You will get to work with an eyewear designer and approve the design before we start the build!

Level B Custom is a basic build that does not have unusual levels of difficulty meaning a normal shape, sized and modified to what suites you best.

This can be one of the styles we offer but in a different customized size.

It can also be from an image of your favorite style you just can't find any longer.

If you are artistic draw the shape you like and we will render the CAD (Computer Aided Design) and submit the spec sheet to you as well as Photoshop the style onto an image of you to size.  We just need your PD and a mug shot of you!

We've loaded a few styles that match what a more standard design would be.

This is an amazing value!

Custom much like this sells for $800 Usd and higher in retails.  You get to work with one of our designers on your very special shape, design fees are included.

How we do it

Only the front piece is customized, the temples are available in our 4 basic stock colors, you can opt for additional temple colors at an additional price, we send these out to be colored just for you.

Level 2 is insane, crazy, runway, high detail designs that require more time at the design stage and also in the cnc routing, hand finishing, and other processes that take more time.

How to decide the style and what we need to start the build.

There are several ways to go about this.

1.  You can send us an image of the style you are after, we then render into CAD used for the cut, we send you a pdf to approve and give the green light on or change.

2.  You can send us a drawing that we render into CAD file, then we size to you liking.

3.  You can send us a nice straight on image of your face, we can try on some styles we have in our portfolio which is thousands, it helps us a lot if you can give us an idea of what you are after.   Square?  Round?  Rectangle?  Almond?  Cat?  Give it some thought and let us know.


Level 1 includes choice of stock colors at the base price.  Level 2 custom includes choice of any color you can imagine!

Sizes (We size to your needs)

A (lens width) = ANY

B (lens depth) = ANY

DBL (distance between lenses) = ANY

TW (total width) = ANY

Temple = 150

Color Description 

Any Color Offered On Our Website And More. 

Not seeing something you like?  We can show you more! 

Product Description 

We only use bio acetates with the custom shapes!


We will label the right inside with our Ecotech Eyeglasses Label, you can decide what you want on the inside of the left temple/arm.

Add what you want to name the frame, add your phone number or email, you have approximately 60mm of space for custom labeling.

If you would like a special font please also list font style in "Special Instructions" field.

Submitting Info For Custom
Just email us