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Discover How fun It Can Be Working Factory Direct!
Also discover how affordable it is to access first quality eyewear made to European standards using Italian acetates, top Euro brand hardware and bespoke services that make frame expensive in the retails that offer this class of eyewear.
Discover Why We Are Different!
Once you begin to work with our design team for those personalized and special details, you will see 1 of our main differences to those that sell a few dozen styles of glasses in a few colors each.
Nothing like having your very own one of a kind design made just for you at about the same price as others merely stocking in bins, and buying on a mass production basis from big factories in China.
Ecotech Designs
This is a major focus in how we design and new ideas are already in the works.
Smart isn’t just about cutting back in carbon footprint but also designing eyewear that is simple too change out a part if you ever break a hinge or loose a screw.
Many of our collections have an option for a kit that can come to your rescue when your in the wild far away from your friendly opticians shop.


Sustainable & Natural Eyewear

Another major focus in our design and production of eyewear.  All metals and plastics, and recycled plastics require processing and that processing uses some chemicals that are bad for the environment.

Reclaimed woods, natural materials such as horn, antler, bone, and other things that grow naturally and require simple hand working to yield a usable material is sustainable.

Sure, these animals do pass gas but would you rather breath that or toxic chemicals?

Many acetate plastic producers are now focused on more eco friendly materials and the info below gets into that.


Bio Acetates by Mazzucchelli of Italy

Visit the actual company webpage by below.  What is even more cool is you can look at lots of great colors to choose from if you're thinking about custom made!